Driving the change towards net zero buildings

Marking almost one year since the launch of the Heating in Buildings Strategy, at this year's Low Carbon Heating Summit we'll review the progress made in that time and look at what future solutions and scenarios the HVAC sector should be considering and preparing for – and we don’t just mean hydrogen and heat pumps. How does the drive for decarbonisation look from the point of view of the customer as well as the policymakers? And how does the industry deliver energy efficient and cost-effective solutions for building owners and homeowners alike?

Join us online on 18 October for a series of keynotes and interactive sessions delivered by practitioners from the HVAC sector and their customers, as well as outsider perspectives on what needs to happen next.

We’re looking forward to ‘seeing’ you there.

Key topics include:

  • Hybrid heat systems
  • Skills requirements to close the gap 
  • The impact of the energy crisis and affordability concerns
  • Building heat pump demand
  • Hydrogen heat for homes in practice
  • Insulation - the importance of airtight buildings
  • The heat network revolution – what’s next?


Why attend?

  • Future-focused subject matter that addresses low carbon heating within the context of affordability, efficiency and engagement, bringing together valuable voices ‘in the room’ for one day of collaboration
  • The opportunity to ask questions of experts from across the built environment ecosystem 
  • Free online access

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Sponsorship opportunities

The Summit provides commercial opportunities for sponsors to get involved. Please contact Kavita.Brown@emap.com for details.