Designing for net zero, safety and wellbeing

For 2022, H&V News is bringing you two more of its popular online HVAC Summits, delivering valuable content and cultivating important conversations for the industry.

Kicking things off on March 29 is the H&V News Better Buildings Summit, where we will be taking a holistic view of safety, wellbeing, decarbonisation and energy efficiency – issues that need to be addressed together to achieve the right outcomes for building owners and occupants alike.

How do we balance energy efficiency with occupant health? And how can the HVAC sector become involved earlier in the lifecycle of a building? From IAQ and ventilation to fire safety and occupant wellbeing, we’re asking how a data-driven approach can drive efficient decision-making, and looking at the role that public policy and the HVAC supply chain have to play in defining the next steps.

What’s new for this year?

In recent years our Spring Summit has focused exclusively on IAQ. This year, we’re broadening the conversation to tackle ‘HVAC and buildings’ in the round, ensuring that we’re bringing together a wider range of expert voices to assess how IAQ and Covid considerations dovetail with conversations around fire safety, energy efficiency and the wellbeing of building occupiers. 

Key topics include:

  • Advances in indoor air quality, and how new standards are setting new benchmarks for success
  • Achieving Net Zero in existing buildings and the skills required to deliver 
  • The role of Building Information Modelling and centralised data in driving efficiencies
  • The economic and people value of wellness
  • Fire safety lessons in the wake of tragedy, and changing attitudes to health and safety


Why attend?

  • INSIGHTS: Access to critical and cutting-edge subject matter that dissects the latest thinking around IAQ and addresses the issue as part of a broader, essential discussion around HVAC and buildings.
  • CONNECTION: The opportunity to unite with peers and the wider industry, as we bring together valuable voices ‘in the room’ for one day of collaboration.
  • EXPERTISE: Direct access to experts from across the built environment, and the chance to ask probing questions.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: This is free, online content that's been curated to provide easy access to digestible chunks of content that can be consumed from anywhere across the globe.

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Sponsorship opportunities

The Summit provides commercial opportunities for sponsors to get involved. Please contact for 2022 details.