Rob Whitney

17 & 24 September 2020

Industry expert

 Rob  Whitney

Rob Whitney

professional engineer , Sales Development and Market Analysis Specialist

Rob Whitney is a Professional Engineer turned Sales Development and Market Analysis Specialist, Consultative sales and focused product evangelist.

Many of the products and solutions developed and commercialised over the last decade have been, and continue to be, relevant to Building Regulations best practice (twin zoning, Load Compensation, Modulation Control, multizoning) and as regulations get progressively tighter and the bar is raised we will continue to develop and innovate to stay ahead.

And this is where Rob is focused, on looking ahead, to 2025 and beyond - to the challenges of retrofitting existing buildings to achieve net zero carbon. As Senior Sales Development Specialist, he engages with manufacturers groups and Government panels in relation to future technology trends and regulations including net zero carbon.
Rob leads ‘Go to market’ launch preparation for the U.K., across channels and vertical markets - for the Honeywell Home heating controls brand and private label products.

Volunteer Member of the IET Built Environment Sector Executive Committee, looking at the challenges of sustainability and working to net zero carbon new build and deep retrofit of existing housing stock to meet CCC 2050 Net Zero carbon targets. 


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