Adam Taylor

17 & 24 September 2020

Industry expert

 Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor

managing director , Spire Building Services Ltd

Since completion of his mechanical engineering degree, Adam has spent 16 years working in the HVAC industry. He spent his early career as a mechanical design engineer, designing domestic heating systems and then bespoke air distribution systems. Working on high profile projects such as venues for the 2012 London Olympic games and the preservation of the Mary Rose Tudor warship.

In 2016, he moved into indoor air quality and began promoting early adoption of the soon to be released BB101 guidelines. This revolutionary standard is designed to improve air quality and thermal comfort in schools via implementation of demand-controlled heat recovery and natural ventilation solutions.

In 2018, Adam began working internationally in the emerging field of indoor air cleaning technologies and indoor air quality monitoring systems. Bi-Polar Ionisation and Plasma-based air cleaning systems are his main area of expertise. Adam currently provides consultancy services to companies looking to launch their IAQ products globally as well as providing indoor air quality consultancy services.


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