17 & 24 September 2020



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Welcome Address


In Focus: The Effort for Climate Change

Mike Childs, Head of Policy, Research & Science, Friends of the Earth


Panel Discussion: What Does the Future Hold for Us?

The announcement from The Chancellor that current gas boiler technology will be replaced in all new homes from 2025, and the recommendations from the Committee for Climate Change for an increase in electrification has set a real debate in motion for the future of the industry. Is a ‘green’ gas grid, plus increased heat pump use going to be enough to meet carbon targets, or do we need a more radical and wide-ranging response? How do we solve the current problem that alternative heating technology is often more expensive and less effective than conventional technology? Are heat pumps and the like really feasible alternatives for existing, often poorly insulated properties – and where will the funding and training come from for the anticipated acceleration of electric technology? Is the future going to see a battle between one technology or another? This session will explore various stakeholders’ views on what the future holds for us.

PANEL: Steve Sutton, Technical Manager, HHIC

Laura Mansel-Thomas, Partner, Ingleton Wood

Paul Harmer, Technical Director, CIPHE

Graham Wright, President, The Heat Pump Association


Coffee & Networking


Innovation in Action: The Heat Pump Revolution – Is it Bye-Bye to the Boiler?

Although the use of heat pumps is well established across Europe, the US and Canada as a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly option, the UK is still the biggest gas boiler market in Europe (with 1.5 million gas boilers being installed each year), so why is the UK so slow to pick up on the potential of heat pumps? Among the different factors that complicate the expansion of heat pumps in the UK, are the high upfront costs, the low running costs savings and an inadequate distribution network. So what needs to change for heat pumps to play their part in future UK heating market? 

Dr Matthew Trewhella, Managing Director, Kensa Contracting


Panel Discussion: A Hydrogen-Fuelled Future – Pipeline or Pipe Dream?

Across the world, researchers are trying to improve the efficiency and costs of producing, storing, transporting and using hydrogen in applications as diverse as heat and transport. In an effort to cut energy-related carbon dioxide emissions by 60% in the next 30 years, the spotlight is on hydrogen as an attractive alternative to fossil fuels. With a number of projects underway to show where and how hydrogen can replace fossil fuels, it’s clear that at some point the Government will need to take the plunge to encourage the supporting infrastructure to be built. Japan has already committed to a hydrogen-fuelled future and are making real strides in their plans. So how far away is the UK from a similar future and what needs to happen at the sharp end to create a viable hydrogen infrastructure?

PANEL: Heidi Genoni, Programme Manager, Hy4Heat | Associate, Arup

Keith Owen, Head of Systems Development and Energy Strategy, Northern Gas Network

Gavin Walker, Director of Sustainable Energy, University of Nottingham


Lunch & Networking


Panel Discussion: Indoor Air Quality & Wellness

The HVAC industry can play a significant part in helping reduce the health effects of poor air quality – both in controlling the indoor environment and in ‘stopping pollution at the door’. But what can be done practically to build on the current combination of policy and politics?

PANELColin Timmins, Director of Member Services, BEAMA

Nathan Wood, Managing Director, Farmwood | Chairman, Health & Wellbeing in Buildings BESA Group


In Focus: Indoor Air Quality & Wellness​

Dene Kent, Operations & Sales Director, Swegon 


Innovation in Action: The Smart Technologies Redefining the Industry

From Blockchain to Big Data to BIM, advances in digital technology are going to have a massive impact on our industry – potentially revolutionising diagnostics, design, logistics and controls. This session will look at the latest digital innovations that will help shape the industry in the future and discuss how ‘smart’ is the smart technology available.

Tim Rook, Associate Partner, IBM


Panel Discussion: A New Era of Building Regulations - A Chance for Reform

The tragic events at Grenfell Tower in 2017 led to the subsequent Hackitt review in 2018 proposing a dramatic overhaul of current building regulations – slammed as ‘not fit for purpose’. The proposed new regime will see plenty of changes for the construction industry as a whole - and the HVAC industry is an essential part of this transformation – but what will this mean for design, construction and operation of buildings? And what practical measures can be taken to achieve real change in the culture and practice of the HVAC sector?

PANEL: David Frise, Chief Executive Officer, BESA

Andy Sneyd, Managing Director, Exyte-Hargreaves

Dr Hywel Davies, Technical Director, CIBSE


Drinks Reception & Networking

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