14 October 2021 | Virtual event


HVN Safety Summit Part 1

HVN Summit Part 2


Andrew Gaved, Editor, H&V News

POWER TALK: Clearing the air - the battle for IAQ
Making commercial buildings (and the industry) Covid-ready is of the utmost importance this year. Hear from a leading expert on what changes the IAQ world faces, and the importance weighted on the issues faced.
Simon Birkett, Founder and Director, Clean Air in London


PANEL: Safe Schools – solutions, sensors and standards
This session will cover what can we learn from outside the industry; a panel of experts shows us how we can better implement safety in schools whilst looking at the issues from all angles.
Nathan Wood, Managing Director, Farmwood
Garry Ratcliffe, CEO, The Galaxy Trust
Jacquie Price, HR Manager, Linaker


CASE STUDY: Creating the new normal and rebuilding confidence in work and retail spaces

As we begin to exit lockdown, the challenge before us will be how we rebuild consumer and employee confidence when returning to the tens of thousands of retail, hospitality and general workspaces. This session will look at nanoeTMX technology that provides building occupiers with an effective solution.
Mick Langford, Sales Manager, Panasonic

11.40 Break

CASE STUDY: Domestic air quality – protecting the public from pollutants inside and out
We get back to the basics of IAQ and have a look at what issues are being faced, what can be done, and what the solutions are.
Graeme Fox, Head of Technical, BESA


POWER TALK: Social housing – a good case study for a safer industry

Social housing providers across the country face unprecedented pressure to ensure their buildings are up to date with a range of safety and health regulations that can go beyond the requirements facing the private sector landlords.  We look at how they are facing up to this challenge and what lessons there may be for the entire UK housing sector.
Adrian Day, Building Services Engineer, Brighton and Hove Council 


POWER TALK: Building Safety – the technology update
Technology is becoming more important within the industry to combat challenges. Learn from an industry leader about what innovative and smart technology solutions are just around the corner.
Karl Wolf, Market Manager, Building Services, Xylem


Break – grab a sandwich!


CASE STUDY: Building for health and wellbeing
Building safety is high up on the industry’s priority list, but how do we approach building complexities? We explore this with an industry luminary, and look and solutions to these issues.
Rob Diamond, Senior Associate, Ingleton Wood


POWER TALK: Applying the aims of the Building Safety Bill now
The Building Safety Bill was put into place last year, but how to we implement action now? Hear from an industry leader on how to apply the aims and move forward.
Hywel Davies, Technical Director, CIBSE


IN-DEPTH: Culture and competence
Health and safety need constant attention when it comes to construction, so how do we ensure that the people on site are doing it right? We look at the lessons learned beyond Covid, and how to implement a better strategy when it comes to culture and competence.
Becky Crosland, Head of Health & Safety, Building Engineering Services Association


PANEL: HVAC and fire safety – The industry role in fire stopping and compartmentation, and lessons learned from Grenfell
As we approach the four year anniversary of the tragedy that was the Grenfell fire, it is so important that we look deeper into what can be done to prevent this from ever happening again. Our panel of experts will focus on the what the industry can do when it comes to fire stopping and compartmentation.
Hywel Davies, Technical Director, CIBSE
Steve Cunningham, Managing Director, Thameside Fire Stopping
Peter Rogers, Chairman, BESA's Ventilation Group Technical Committee
Andrew Collard, BU Director Smoke and Fire Control, Swegon


Andrew Gaved, Editor, H&V News

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